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The home of an exciting variety of brightly coloured jumping castles for sale and other children’s party inflatable equipment to buy in Pretoria and Johannesburg.

There is hardly a birthday party for kids or a school/church/community fete that goes by without seeing a jumping castle or other inflatable children's party equipment in action for the kids to enjoy. The reason for this is simple : Kids love bouncing on jumping castles and a wet wild slippery splish-splash ride on a water slide in the summer time provide them with hours of fun!

Most of us want to supplement our income and to start your own business from home with children’s party castles is easier than you think. Simply start with one jumping castle and as your business begin to show a profit you can proceed to buy your own range of jumping castles and other children's party inflatables to rent out.

Our jumping castles for sale Pretoria :

At Rinies Jumping castles in Pretoria we offer an exciting variety of brightly coloured outdoor Kiddies Jumping Castle bouncers and waterslides for sale that are manufactured to meet the highest quality standards. All the wearing seams are reinforced with protection strips and double stitching to last even with the roughest and toughest kids.

Jumpstart your business today by buying one or more of our jumping castles for sale in Pretoria at manufacturer’s prices without any hidden cost to you and enjoy genuine after sales service and support even after the warranty period has expired.

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For the best in jumping castles for sale Pretoria and Johannesburg.

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